Show image Description in Fancybox?

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Does fancybox add-on currently support displaying the image description (more formally, the content of the "alt" attribute of the img tag), and if yes, how / where? If no, do we want to add it?
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I am not sure what you mean by "grabbed from /photos/one/image/ID".
I checked a few posts with images and their source uris, they all are from various locations depending on the origin of the post. For Friendica post the uris of the images are most frequent in the fromat:
"instace url"/photo/"32 chars hash"-0.jpg

Can you elaborate your issue in more detail please? Thank you.
How about including via

On my instance it then opens in Fancybox, how about
Hmm including bbcode as code to be displayed in the bbcode "code" tag seems not work too well. Here again, but I replaced bbcode's square bracket with round braces to be able to displays it:

Thank you for clarification. I affirm that fancy box is not triggered there, but image neither displayed directly. On my instance, clicking on an image creates some kind of gallery, allowing me to browse through the images:

Do you expect that fancybox is triggered when you would click on the camper image in my screenshot?

grischa pleroma (AP)
Well have a look at the image gallery on my friendica ( You'll notice, that my images are loaded in fancybox there already. 😉
As there is no hook it is not possible to do that from an addon.
I use a patched frio theme for that. :)

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Ich verstehe. Tatsächlich hatte es mich bisher nicht gestört. Ich fand es im Gegenteil sogar praktisch, um die direkte URL des angeklickten Bildes zu bekommen oder es mir (wieder) irgendwo abzuspeichern.
Aber das ist ja nur meine "Vorliebe". Über den aktuellen Stand, bei dem Du schon so durch die Bilder klicken kannst, noch Fancybox darüberzulegen bei einem Klick auf das gerade angezeigte Bild halte ich für unangemessene "Doppelfunktion". Ob es technisch aber möglich wäre Dir dies als Option des Fancybox Add-Ons zu ermöglichen müsstest Du @Grischa fragen. :)

Ganz im Allgemeinen finde ich, dass wir noch einiges an Verbesserungen im Umgang mit Medien auf Friendica in Zukunft einführen können.
Nice, and it just acts as a light box as far as I see, without the option to iterate through the album inside fancybox. Nice.
@grischa can we head back to the original question of this thread? :-D
That is really great. Thank you very much! <3

I would assume, that blind people don't use fancybox

I think it is not on us to decide it, and I am convinced by the slogan "a good inclusion measure is beneficial to anybody".

To be honest I got very quickly used to read the descriptions by myself since I often find it interesting how people describe their content and in some rare cases it helped me to understand what I "see" on the image in the first place. :-D