"What does Friendica wants to be"?

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Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Marek Bachmann :friendica: I think the question is misguided. Friendica isn’t a coherent entity. It’s developers, present and past (quite a few opinionated choices we’ve had to grapple with), server admins and users.

So ultimately Friendica ends up being what the people working on it want to spend their time on, regardless of any coherent central vision.

So far no developer has had any strong inclination working on image/video, but you can single-handedly change this, and you’ve already started with the wonderful image grid you came up with.
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HI @Hypolite Petovan thank you for your precious answer. I can clearly see that my question seems "misguided" in terms of an open source project, which is perfectly fine since it was by intention:

I wanted to hear from you people who are just more experienced in the Fediverse world what YOU think about Fediverse in general and Friendica specifically.

And I think this valuable, not least because there is always the chance that someone's vision does not fit at all to the vision of the majority of other participants on such a project. :-)

I admit that there is a certain amount of reinsurance included in my question, nevertheless. ;-)
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Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Marek Bachmann :friendica: Ah, if it's personal then I can answer! The main reasons why I use Friendica are the following:
  • Threaded conversations à-la-Facebook.
  • RSS support.
  • Diaspora support (I mainly like the concept, I don't have many remaining Diaspora contacts).
  • Twitter support (although my patience for the platform is rapidly dwindling).
  • It's written in PHP so I can contribute!

I've looked in Hubzilla as well but I found it too unintuitive and I don't care much about nomad identity anyway.

I also run a single-user Pixelfed instance that I though would be a good complement for images, but I found out that I use it the same way I used Instagram before Facebook bought it out, which excludes casual image posts.

Still, I'm not a big image guy, I'm even less of a video guy, so I've never felt compelled to look into media support in Friendica myself. I've even resorted to post pictures on my Twitter account which would be mirrored on Friendica.
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Thank you so much! This is exactly the kind of though exchange I was looking for. :-)

I am not that much in media myself, what is driving me is that I would love to motivate many of my real life contacts to leave commercial platforms for the very reasons we are all know too well.

And I started talking to them already. What I learned so far is, as I elaborated above, they use Instagram / TikTok and so on to "show" their lives but to their own "handpicked" groups.

For me, it is desirable to offer such people a place in the Fediverse. Where they are not subject to advertising and data exploitation.

So I am looking at the Fediverse and its applications at the moment, asking my self:
"What might be required that the Fediverse, in terms of an alternative to commercial social media, will be a welcoming and attractive place for all the good people outside, especially when they do not care about the technology itself too much?"
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Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Marek Bachmann :friendica: I'm envious of driven people like you. I, on the other hand, don't hope to convert anyone, so most tasks I've been working on have been revolving around my own usage. My own usage of the software, and my own usage of the codebase, for which I've proposed several structure changes, most of them are still ongoing a few years in.

I do enjoy the fact that these tasks have also been beneficial for other people, but this is not my main focus. Although you can get me to do stuff outside of my comfort zone if you bug me enough on Signal, just ask @Kristof Körner .

Finally, I have a soft spot for assisting other developers, as you've probably noticed. Even when I'm not particularly active, I will make sure that motivated people are getting timely answers and reviews and feedback because motivation and goodwill are precious resources not to be squandered.
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Yes, of course I see what I can do. Perhaps the “positive” is that I am neither a backend nor frontend developer, but more of a data scientist by profession. So it would hardly make any difference where I start to familiarize myself. :-D
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Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Mihai von Glogowatz @Marek Bachmann :friendica: Yes, he mentioned it in his original post:
(which I think is really great, for a computer science person, but not for the broad non-technical focussed public)
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Hi @Mihai von Glogowatz I am there, passively but always have a look around there once in a while, mostly testing interacting with my self ;-)

@Marek Bachmann
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Lorraine Lee friendica (via ActivityPub)
Honestly I'd be delighted just to get toots with text on Friendica...
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Lorraine Lee This is a puzzling issue, nobody else seems to be affected, and your node seems to run fine otherwise.
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Lorraine Lee friendica (via ActivityPub)
One of life's mysteries. Perhaps an upgrade will iron it out.
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