Participating on polls from Friendica

@Friendica Support : Just a curious question:
I follow quite a lot of mastodon account, and in the last days, mastodon users seem to develop a passion for polls.

I noticed that I am on my friendica instance are not able to participate in these polls since the content is only included in plain text.

Does #Friendica just do not support polls, or is it only my instance / a missing add-on that prevents me to participate in polls?

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Found the git discussion about it:
Ruben Verweij friendica (via ActivityPub)
My understanding is that polls are currently only displayed but you can't vote on them yet. It would be great if this will be added to a future version of Friendica!
Yes, this summarizes exactly my reading. I just asked on git
Is there already _something_ implemented regarding those interactions? I would love to have a look at it as a starting point to get familiar with the code structure. :)