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A thought about the #Fediverse and the origin of #Internet

I think that the #Fediverse has the potential to bring (social) #Web back closer to its original vision of its most important inventor, Tim #Berners-Lee:

"There is the idea that society can run without a hierarchical bureaucratic government being involved at every step, if only we can hit on the right set of rules for peer-peer interaction. So where design of the Internet and the Web is a search for set of rules which will allow computers to work together in harmony, so our spiritual and social quest is for a set of rules which allow people to work together in harmony." (source)

And from my point of view, the term "hierarchical bureaucratic government" also holds for "#centralized #commercial #social #networks".
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Well- from where i'm typing right now. The Fediverse solves a ton of problems. it really does 'Just Work'.

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Events / Calender / Mobilizon

Hi @Friendica Support , last evening I was testing around with #events on #mobilizon (via It worked OKAY, I managed to accept / participate to an event via this #Friendica account. Now, what I found odd is that my feed shows me a remainder on top of the page (cool!) but the event does not occur in the calendar (sad). Is this by intention or is it a bug / not implemented yet?

In general, how tightly coupled / compatible are the native #friendica events with #mobilizon events?

thx & big love to the community <3
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There are some known incompatibilities on federation between friendica and mobilizon:
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