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A thought about the #Fediverse and the origin of #Internet

I think that the #Fediverse has the potential to bring (social) #Web back closer to its original vision of its most important inventor, Tim #Berners-Lee:

"There is the idea that society can run without a hierarchical bureaucratic government being involved at every step, if only we can hit on the right set of rules for peer-peer interaction. So where design of the Internet and the Web is a search for set of rules which will allow computers to work together in harmony, so our spiritual and social quest is for a set of rules which allow people to work together in harmony." (source)

And from my point of view, the term "hierarchical bureaucratic government" also holds for "#centralized #commercial #social #networks".
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fbievan pleroma (AP)
Well- from where i'm typing right now. The Fediverse solves a ton of problems. it really does 'Just Work'.

"Wir haben einfach zu wenig Platz für drei Antriebstechnologien (...) und deswegen wollen wir uns genau von einer Technologie verabschieden, um mehr Platz für die anderen beiden zu haben".

Die anderen beiden sind Diesel und Batterie. Wirkt auf mich nicht gerade zukunftsorientiert.

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