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What is the most frustrating thing for you with #Fedilab?

PS: We don't talk about current bugs as they will be fixed ASAP.
This when opening an image. 😲
Screenshot of the button "Image loaded, click to press."
I feel it should load the high quality one automatically, as other apps do
Having to load more every minute or so when reading several hours. Betting able to keep my place and load 6+ hours of toots at a time would hugely improve my use.
Just spotted it. Installed now for first time on android tablet. Could use width of the screen more effectively, I think.
Clic & pull many times to be sure I have on top the latest thing.
Reselecting the tab will do that work automatically.
This weird aspect ratio on my tablet.
Not having video and audio call. Decentralized
To not see the DMs visually in the timeline
When I find an interesting account, I like to look at who they follow. Then I'd I'd like to follow some of *those* folks, I can't seem do it without looking them up by name. The app won't let me go directly to their profiles.
that you're not increasing the font size limit of 180 to a higher value. For someone with a low vision it's really hard to use the app. Sadly you're also not responding to this issue. I paid for the app, so i'd also like to use the app. So I hope you guys will now respond and help. I know for someone with a normal vision it looks like it's more than big enough but it isn't
Screen reader and accessibility issues. I'm personally happy with Fedilab, but can't recommend it because of that.
But being able to tell anymore the account I want to choose for remote boosts
Screenie of remote boost in Fedilab, but being able to determine the actual addresses of the accounts so I can choose the correct one.
@tallship Fixed. Sorry for the delay.
It doesn't show me messages from my account.

I am missing one timeline for all my accounts which I was used to from another program.
Cache handing. I either can clear all cache manually or have it cleaned automatically at closing the app. Both options leave me with an empty cache. Would wish for a way to set limits, either Megabytes or, even better, number of posts to keep in cache.
The app keeps 7 days, we will build that feature to customize.
Did not know about the 7 days, thought it's forever or until being cleared.
How bad images behave when I try to zoom on them, by reverse pinching, and try to move them around. As soon as they hit the screen edge, they restore to their original size.
Nothing is frustrating at the moment. But it would be really nice to have a reverse timeline, like I had in Plume, before Twitter killed it today.
It's the cache feature. You can clear it or mute/block people. Unfollowing don't remove from the cache.
Image manipulation and not having custom tabs for external links, I don't like getting out of the app when I click an article
Missing automated thread support while writing a long post.

Because of this I'm may switch to Misskey, which is not supported by #fedilab...
Video content takes extra time and steps to load, and it takes over the whole screen. The controls for video end up in the same place as my Android navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Don't get me wrong: I do NOT want auto-playing video, but I do wish it was a smoother, more integrated experience.
Click on the eye when composing
missing #Screenreader #accessibility and no feedback on related requests from #Fedilab team.
The wasted space at the bottom of posts. Two rows instead of one
Poder obtener mejores configuraciones en los colores de interfaz y TL
it doesn't parse link previews for toots, and clicking on a toot link doesn't open directly in fedilab
Have you an example of a toot not opening in the app? They must follow standard with @ for working.
What do you mean by parsing link previews?

the other reply explained the link preview thing

as for not opening in the app, if I link to the other reply like this:

and tap it after I send the toot, it opens in my browser

I have the same issue.
See image description for details.
In my timeline, toots including a link to another toot do not display a preview. If I single-click the link, nothing happens. Long-press shows a menu.
If I click the toot that includes the link, the preview appears. If I click the preview itself, it opens in my browser. I'd rather have everything happen in-app.

Media viewers need some polish.

The video player doesn't show the playback time bar for long enough to actually do anything with it. I'd rather it just be a toggle on/off when you touch. Right now it appears for about half a second and goes away.

Also, it is very hard to pinch zoom images, they will normally just move around when you try to zoom.
Maybe a couple of things:
- apk seems heavier/slower than others alike, and
- no "live" streaming in timelines and notification bubbles.
focus point doesn't work.
it works as long as we stay on fedilab, but the image does not look the same on the website or on other applications.
It doesn't connect to nostr relays
when trying to open one line posts, the hit area is tiny, and most of the time the profile loads instead
Picture handling. When I zoom in and then pan around, it often zooms back out. Very frustrating.
That a like is not displayed immediately, especially with unstable internet connection. I often click multiple times, because of my assumption, that I must have missed the button. Afterwards the like button pressed state is sometimes correct, sometimes it's not.
Could you give the link to the message containing that link? It should have been solved.
This would be very nice if the app can load the next page of toot before I reach the last message in the timeline and have to wait the server response.
oh i thought of another couple things:
- I'd really love to have mastodon links in other apps open in fedilab! I realize that could be technically difficult, but if there's a way to do it I'd appreciate it a whole lot

- I wish I could have "search" not default to tags unless I use #. accounts is much more helpful as a default, and then search for message if it's a message link?
Only thing on my wish list is setting different themes for my two different accounts on here. Just as a clearer indication of who I am tooting as.
Posts shown out of thread context. #Friendica user
I want to have the timeline to always and directly show full context of a thread. I really don't like the Twitter / Mastodon Style to read text from unknown users and not knowing the context until I click on the message.

In fact I am not using fedilab for this particular reason even if very much appreciate the app and your efforts <3

Hi @Fedilab Apps how can I switch my timeline to always and directly show full context of a thread. I really don't like the Twitter / Mastodon Style to read text from unknown users and not knowing the context until I click on the message. Feels so unfamiliar to me. :-/
As long as API don't bring that information, it will not be possible.
Don't get me wrong there: It is not about seeing EVERYthing in the Thread (which is in fact not that simple) but to see the thread from my instance's perspective.
In other words: I just do not want to click on the message to see to whom it was a reply, but I want to see it root post directly with the reply beneath. :-)
Here, let me show you what I mean:

This is an exampled of a post what I call "text from unknown users and not knowing the context"

An answer in the Fedilab app not showing the root post

When I click on the message, things start to make sense:

Thread view in Fedilab

Now I see that this person just replied to that root post, and then AND ONLY THEN, the message makes sense to me. :-)
Yes, it could be done when api will return a "in_reply_message" (object) instead of a "in_reply_id" (String).
What about nested replies? Means: When A is a comment to B, which is a comment do C, which commented on D? Should then the object of post A not only contain the post B, but inside the post B there is post C, which also contains post D? This can quickly decrease the performance a lot.
Currently, in_reply_to_id is just a string targeting a message by its ID.
Instead of this ID, attaching the whole object message would avoid the extra call from client side to get the message.
I know and I understand the wish. The question is just, if the replies should be nested or if we only display the first reply object.
Since the object in Mastodon is called "Status", I'd prefer in_reply_status instead. Is that okay?
Yes, but as I said, it's a limitation of the API.
The api only returns the reply id and not the reply object.
Such feature cannot be built as for each reply message, the app will have to fetch the message and display it. That would create excessive amount of calls with also jumps when inserted asynchronously.
Okay, thank you for clarification. I will point @Friendica Developers to this discussion:

Perhaps we can work out a solution eventually.

All the best
Sure, if Friendica implements such feature, it will be implemented immediately with Fedilab.
No way to browse posts that I've bookmarked
Oh that's awesome, thanks!
with the talkback screenreader, all the actions one can take on a particular item, in stead of having a popup on long press, or even actually use the accessibility actions API, to add contextual menus which can be accessed by talkback and other android screenreaders. While the way it is now might be easier to develop, this way of navigating is very inefficient, since one has to swipe three or more times just to get from the current message to the next, because one has to go over the action buttons one doesn't usually need to press most of the time.
You can disable remember position in settings.
regressions on updates.
What regressions not fixed?
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Just in a general sense.
I appreciate that Fedilab updates a lot and always has the latest features, sometimes even adds new features before Mastodon supports them like the filters. But that also sometimes means things break.
When zooming in on an image you can't pan the view because it will revert to full view.
Well, might be related to your instance.
I would like my columns to be loading (and caching the content) every 10min or something in the background, keeping their current position, so that whenever I switch to the app, even if I'm offline, I can carry on scrolling up right up to the present time from wherever I left off. (This is the experience I had with the Flamingo app for Twitter and I miss now I have moved to Mastodon.)
That's how it is supposed to work with default settings.
Ooh OK thanks! I am not sure it always has been like that but I will pay attention now I know it is meant to, and report any problems more specifically! Thanks very much!

I found the original link

and I guess y'all did fix this particular issue since I'd last tried it! this seems to be working now (on the latest beta, tbc - 3.14.3)

Definitely the jumping timeline. You say not to discuss current bugs, but this one has had many attempts at fixes but keeps recurring. It must be a hard problem with the way Fedilab does its timeline.
I assume so - whatever is moving around is off the top of the screen, so I can't see it directly. It's really weird to have the contents of the screen move because of something that's not on the screen. It can be really hard to read because the timeline jumps up and down repeatedly.
No, when I press the Load more up button I often jump a couple of hours earlier

Actually, I think I just had a case where the timeline jumped because of a link preview. When the preview card was fetched and displayed, my timeline jumped down by about that much. There was no media above my reading point, so I don't think it was that.
Displaying and interacting with images. Zooming & scrolling around an image has an unusual user model and fails easily. Just compare the experience with Tusky or even the official app. I like most everything about Fedilab except for images.

Second thing is it's slow to populate image previews. Sometimes have to touch the item to have it show. Again, Tusky & official app always has the previews in place and scrolls smoothly.
Would like a longer timeout on toots - hours or days - so I don't see the same toot reboosted several times
Would like oldest on too in my timeline

PS: Thanks for a great job πŸ˜ƒ
I don't know if this is a known bug, but if I don't get to the top of the feed, and open app again later, the place in the feed has dropped and I need to scroll up to get to the location where I was.
'Load more' button. Don't ask, just do it, I will never not want to load more.

Ideally, app would set up a background service to wake up periodically and pull new stuff automatically, so everything is there as soon as I open it. That would be wonderful.

It could also finally make the unread count accurate, and also eliminate the issues with timeline positioning on load. So: win-win-win. :-)
I guess that "Popular" timeline is hidden in the side menu and I can't bring it to the bottom panel (instead of something else I don't use).

Apart from that, I am still learning and exploring, and I feel satisfied!
@niz yes people asked to be able to manage it like other timelines.
It would be good to have a clear indication when there is a gap between Home timeline posts (caused by the Mastodon default limit of 400).

Also an indicator when a "Fetch more" is in progress rather than having the posts before & after appear to be consecutive.
the single toolbar at the top, without an option to move it to the bottom. Makes using the app harder.
The "uglyness" of the interface: the icons are too prominent, I would like to see them more subtle, like in Megalodon or Elk.
The use of a large font, like load more button, editing profile, filter notifications.
In light theme there are two ugly options for colors. The black is not really black and the white is not white enough.
Fedilab has so many options that I love, fast updates, and a friendly developer😊, that with a smoother UI it is the best app.
Apart from the timeline forgetting it's position, as already mentioned: how pictures are handled after clicking on them. Zooming with two fingers often simply doesn't work. Double clicking to zoom works, but often simply touching the picture causes it to zoom out again, so moving the picture is a problem.
if there is a toot that contains ONLY a link you cannot "expand the toot" to see if there are replies etc.
When you try, you either tap on the link or to the profile/username.
I hope that I explain it properly.

And something not frustrating but still kinda annoying. To delete the notifications you have to tap the three dots menu, scroll a little bit, tap more actions and then clear them.
Since I always clear the notifications I would prefer to have fewer steps for that.
If you didn't remove left margin there is that solution otherwise between bottom buttons. But we might use long press for that.
I did removed the margin cause I find it prettier this way.
I will try to tap between the bottom buttons if I can't make it work I'll switch to the default look.
Thanks for the response.
having pinch to zoom on images not being there πŸ˜…
External links open in standard browser and when I return to fedilab, it shows a different TL or tab, or the same TL but looses focus of the last-viewed message

Anyway, thanks for the great work!
@aerofreak We can't reproduce that, could you open an issue with a step by step?
scheduled posts / boosts never seemed to work right although I gave up trying long ago. having absolutely bulletproof reliability of scheduling posts and boosts would be a huge improvement for me
"No timelines was found on this instance!"

That's the error message displayed anytime you try to add a Twitter via Nitter timeline. It's been broken for quite a long while. I know we're supposed to hate Twitter, but if it worked here I could hate them by avoiding their ads and tracking!
Just change the Nitter host in settings.
I've tried every green host in this list:

with the same result. They'll accept one Twitter timeline, but not a comma-separated list.
Try to use a comma if you run an old release.
Still some residual bugs, but they will be fixed in the next release.
Sorry in German: Fehlende Übersetzungsfunktion über Symbol unter Troot in allen Timelines.

Ansonsten ist mir bis jetzt nichts weiter aufgefallen.
If accounts that you follow boost a same message, you will see it only once.
For the individual level: in profiles click on top three vertical dots > hide boosts.
For all (only home) long press the tab, uncheck display boosts.
The fact I can't import my settings from 2.x. If I could run 3.x alongside 2.x, it would at least help?
That I can't forward a toot while commenting it.
O.K. I shall try to describe what I mean. In the old you could forward a message including a commentary. You can say you wrote a new message that automatically had a citation of the message you want to forward and the ID of the original message included so that the clients could show an ordered thread. I want this again.
What about clicking three horizontal dots and then Mention. Is it what you're looking for?
And for instances supporting quotes, you have to enable extra features.
Aaaah! You're right. It just was so long down in the list and I never would have thought that mention, or in my language omnΓ€mn, would mean this. It's not 100% what I had in mind, but it's sufficient. Thank you! Only whish left is to get this option more prominent.
I've mentioned it before, but I would really like to be able to navigate back (from a thread to my home TL) by swiping instead of the arrow in the top left. Fenix for Twitter (now defunct like all 3rd party clients) allows this.
letters are too small. it makes me wanting a bigger phone
You can adjust icon and text sizes in settings.
done, now ready to switch.πŸ‘
I have multiple accounts, this is the one I use more. When a get a push notification from another account and I open it, when I go back to this account I find huge holes in my home timeline, beginning at the time I got the notification and ending several hours later. "Load more" button never shows up whwn this happens.
It does not appear, just in these cases
It would be nice if you could use lemmy instances as well
Oh, one more: it should be possible for videos to auto play without sound when you open a toot with a video link in it.
Watching videos from within the app can get clunky at times. Especially if you want to see the comments as well. I know TubeLab exists for a reason, but I also want to view some videos from Mastodon
Tapping a toot "in the wrong place" opens the author's account instead of the toot. Highly disturbing.
Yea, this behavior sucks big time. Especially with image posts when you want to see the context of the toot instead of image

@Fedilab Apps Could you guys consider changing the behavior? I'd say only profile picture should bring up the profile - other zones should lead to toot (this includes name of toot author too)
Only tap to the top (pp and username) brings to original poster profile.
Taping message content should not.
Thank you for your response! However, this doesn't seem to be the case (at least for me). In the picture, I marked the areas which bring up something else than the desired toot: 1 leads to the poster's profile and the others to the following links.
"problematic areas" – example on a random toot
1 will open our profile, other will open different links. Not sure to understand the issue.
Only the line containing the link will open it. Also, you have the whole left margin.
@Fedilab Apps
Ýes, but when you have toot only with single image (no text) or hyperlink, it's ridiculously hard to hit area, that takes you to the toot instead of profile.

I really do think it's only profile picture, what should bring you to user profile instead of toot context.
@brbunek // mastodon
Agreed. Bookmarked for a fix.
Thanks! Also, compliment on the fast and correct communication.
You guys are the best!
Truth is it annoys me a LOT, but i have forgotten about it. In my case also it may be bigger issue because of smaller screen (Titan Pocket)
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I cannot immediately post the images taken from the camera of my smartphone, because the resolution is too high. An error is generated.

It works if I reduce the resolution or use Mastodon web interface.

The design. Text too huge